Anh 'Joseph' CaoWe think of courage primarily in terms of battlefields, not a green light on a scoreboard. Yet that very light, registered by Republican Joseph Cao on the House scoreboard on Saturday, is symbolic of the courage of a man taking risks to benefit others.

Cao, a New Orleans native, is creating a political sensation not only because he is the first Vietnamese American to serve in Congress or the poorest member of the Louisiana delegates, but because he is the only Republican vote out of 177 in favor of the Democratic platform of universal healthcare.

Already lauded as a model of moderation, Cao is an admirable example of politicians considering constituents first despite an increasingly politically polarized environment. The people of New Orleans, after the events of Katrina, are desperately in need of a health care overhaul which would improve their lives and Cao has shown his willingness to defer from the expected outcome for the sake of his people. Wherever you stand on the health care debate, we can agree that Cao is someone who has the right approach to politics, and someone we’d like to have on our side.

Photo by AP Photo/Alex Brandon via Yahoo

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