Getting into an American medical school has always been notoriously difficult, overwhelming and discouraging for many, to say the very least. With only 131 medical schools across the country, only about half of applicants get accepted every year, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges, a nonprofit organization for prospective medical school applicants.

However, as a recent The New York Times article reports, we are now expecting a boom in new medical schools, with the prospect of an 18 percent increase in the 131 current medical schools across the nation.Newly opened schools like The Commonwealth Medical College in Scranton, PA and Hofstra University School of Medicine in Hempstead, NY are opening their doors to welcome more bright and talented American students, many of whom in the past have given up or resorted to studying medicine abroad because they couldn’t get into domestic schools. The increase in schools is also a response to a combination of societal concerns, including the retirement of as many as a third of current doctors and a change in the country’s health care policy (if it ever passes), which will bring in a wave of newly insured patients.

So if you have the passion for medicine, don’t give up—more opportunities are coming your way. As Dr. D’Alessandri, one of the doctors quoted in the Times piece says, “We should worry about too many lawyers.”

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