To put it plainly, this week’s American Idol results show was pretty rough. Unfortunately, the idol journey of one of our favorite contestants, John Park, abruptly came to an end. In addition, one of our other favorites, Andrew Garcia, found himself in the bottom four contestants for the week. What happened?
John Park’s take on John Mayer’s “Gravity” this past Tuesday garnered a mixed bag of comments from the judges. Ellen and Kara had positive things to say. “I thought it was a much better song choice,” said Ellen. “Way better than last week,” agreed Kara. Randy and Simon’s comments, however, were far more critical. “You didn’t bring anything new or spicy to it,” commented Randy Jackson. Simon Cowell chimed in, “I struggle with the believability here. I think in 20 minutes time, we’re going to forget that performance.”

I agreed with all of the judges’ comments this time around. While John certainly has great vocal chops, he failed to really connect (more eye contact and body language, please!) with the T.V. audience and perform well on a consistent basis. Interestingly, I actually thought his exit performance of “Gravity” showcased how well he could actually perform if he lets loose—it’s a shame he didn’t do it the first time around. His last video clip ended with him joking, “Don’t forget me, Shania.” We won’t forget you, John!

On a more positive note, Andrew Garcia is safely into the Top 16—but not without a performance hiccup. His version of “You Give Me Something” by James Morrison was also quite underwhelming. Perhaps Garcia set his own bar too high after his brilliant take on Paula Abdul’s “Straight Up” in the Hollywood rounds. Nevertheless, I hope that he has something brilliantly creative hidden up his sleeve for next week’s performance.

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