626 Nightmarket, the self-proclaimed “largest Asian night market experience in the United States,” kicks off another weekend of festive eating and delicious Asian fare at their new location, Santa Anita Park, after 3 pm on Saturday 10/20 and Sunday 10/21. This time, the event is held at an even bigger location than their previous Pasadena venues, and according to the 626 Night Market website, Santa Anita Park will also host free horse racing.
626 Night Market was founded by Jonny Hwang, his wife, and another friend. Their goal is to introduce the Asian tradition of late-night markets to the Los Angeles community. The idea of 626 Night Market is to bring people together and enjoy different food cultures in a large social setting. Their first event in April 2012 was a logistical disaster—there were more than 15,000 people and not enough food vendors, which left many unsatisfied customers. However, the organizers were determined to deliver a better experience to the Asian community and in July, they hosted their second event, which drew an estimated 40,000 people. Our Mochi staffer Connie called 626 Night Market’s second event in Pasadena a delicious success.
With their new location in Santa Anita Park, 626 Night Market is sure to attract even greater crowds—who doesn’t like great late-night food?

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