Mochi Magazine conducted a survey on the past election cycle from December 7 to 19, 2016. 317 Asian Americans, ages 14-68, participated. Here, highlights from the results:




92% voted in November’s 2016 presidential election.

For comparison, 8% did not cast a vote. (Why Asian Americans Aren’t Voting)

Vote distribution among survey participants:


Demographic Background

Of those individuals surveyed:

  • 25% were born outside of the United States
  • 74% indicated they are first-generation
  • 44% experienced conflict with family or friends over which candidate to support
  • 47% have a bachelor’s degree
  • 22% identified as male
  • 74% identified as female
  • 4% identified as other

Respondents largely lived in CA, WA, VA, and the Northeast region of the United States.


For those that did not vote:

1 in 3 believe that if they had, their vote wouldn’t have mattered.

20% of those who did vote hadn’t voted in previous elections either – even if they were eligible to do so.


Top 4 issues of concern during the election cycle:

  1. Civil rights
  2. Reproductive rights
  3. Immigration
  4. Healthcare


See our full report on the Asian American perspective for these issues here.

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