A candlelit dinner and a stroll home in the summer breeze might sound like the perfect romantic Friday night to some. Others might find it utterly stifling. I’ve certainly seen couples on the street and wondered, “Wait, how does that feel again?” after being single for some time. Couplehood isn’t for everyone, or at least it isn’t during every phase of your life. Here are seven reasons why I’m currently embracing being unattached.

1. Sharing earbuds during a bus or subway ride seems incredibly difficult, not to mention just plain unpractical and a bit gross. How do two people move as one unit when they get off the train? Plus, everyone’s a little clumsy sometimes. Obviously that lack of coordination won’t work.

2. Holding hands in public? Ugh. It’s especially obnoxious in narrow hallways and other small spaces. I just want to get to class, people! Is there a law of physics preventing you from letting go of each other to let other people pass?


3. Sometimes girls’ night out means girls’ night out, not girls’-night-out-with-a-male-guest. Does her boyfriend actually enjoy hearing us girls sing “Ever Ever After” horribly out of tune? While watching “Enchanted” for the fifth time?

4. I can’t stand the thought of having someone shove food into my mouth. Just because someone  somewhere decided that this would be a romantic gesture—and that when you’re in a relationship, you know, you suddenly become incapable of eating without (loving) assistance—doesn’t make it appropriate. I’ll hold my own spoon, thanks.

5. I’m still figuring out my life! So much changes in your 20s, be it your job, location, or simply the mental challenge of transitioning into independent adult life. In the middle of that mess, I sure don’t have the energy to go through the arduous process of negotiating my dreams and ambitions to accommodate someone else’s life plan, which may or may change at any minute too…

6. Sometimes couples need to keep things behind closed doors, especially at dinner. Like that one time when I was enjoying a meal with another couple and they decided to play footsie—with me, by accident. Um, check, please!

7. My mom stopped picking out my clothes in middle school, so why would I want a boy to weigh in on my outfits? Imagine this: The weekend is here and it’s time to go out and have a good time. Maybe I’ll wear that new black dress I got. But, is that hemline okay? Will my boyfriend get jealous? But I want to dress up for the weekend… Oh, forget it. This is taking so much effort. I’m just going to stay in and order some pizza…

Single life is so much easier, ladies. Enjoy it!


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