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You already know summer: the sweet smell of the beach, late nights out with your best friends, and of course, the cute guy to whom you just handed your number to.

There’s something so alluring about “summer guys” – the carefree and fun vibe that comes with being around them. Stressful schedules during the school year typically make it harder to go out and meet new people, whereas summer holds countless opportunities. Once that last final exam is taken, the books are thrown out and swimsuits dutifully take their place.

Many girls detest these “summer flings,” claiming that they ruin any possibility of sustaining a real and long-lasting relationship. But the question is: What type of relationship are you looking for within these three months?

There are several upsides to having a summer fling. For one, it’s a fling! You are not entitled to any one person, allowing you to “talk” to whomever you desire. By being open-minded, you have the opportunity to explore your likes and dislikes in guys. As risqué as this sounds, think of it as giving yourself more chances to run into someone you’ll truly fall for.

The best part of a relationship is usually the chase. The rush you get right after meeting someone you can’t get enough of is quite exciting. This “sprung” feeling usually lasts for a few weeks to a few months – coincidently the typical duration of summer. By the time school starts again you may have already lost interest in that summer relationship and someone new might just walk into your life.

I’ve had my fair share of summer fun. There were certain guys who wanted to take me out every day, loved our spontaneous adventures, wouldn’t stop calling, and may have fallen in love with me. The list goes on, but it all boils down to this: I used to be a shy and timid girl, but I finally decided to open up emotionally over the summer. Once I did, I noticed that talking to guys was easier than I thought. Not only did it improve my boldness around guys, but my relationship and communication skills improved dramatically. I noticed that every summer I came out a more confident, outgoing, and laidback person. Guys do not define my personality, but they do help me discover unique traits about myself and characteristics that I desire in a relationship. These valuable experiences have helped me make wiser decisions when it comes to guys.

Keep in mind that summer relationships sound short-term, but it all depends on your mindset. The possibilities are endless. If the two of you are truly compatible, what started as a summer fling can turn into a long-term relationship. By avoiding assumption and going with the flow, anything can happen – just make sure all parties stay on the same page in terms of expectations and wishes.

One last thing, do not always wait for romance to come to you. When you see something you like, go after it! The adrenaline rush can be amazing. Summer flings are all about having safe fun, being daring, and learning about yourself. Don’t be so hesitant. Let your hair down, throw on that summer dress you’ve been saving all year and go start up a conversation with that handsome surfer. You’re never going run into him again anyway – or will you?

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