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With magazines losing ad sales and folding, talk of print publications going extinct has been looming in the air. When considering the shift from print to the online medium, Mochi’s Gen-Y staff has mixed feelings about the future of magazines and newspapers. New technology sways some of us to go digital, but others are still diehard devotees of the “traditional” print form.

Q. What is your reaction to the decline of the print medium?

“While I understand that the web is the new wave of the future, I have my personal bias that printed work is a lot more elite. I still think that the print medium is a lot more sacred in that personal opinions do not enter the issues as much as with blogs. However, blogs do add a personal touch to all newsworthy entries.” Bonnie He, copy editor

“I think it’s a combination of a rising eco-conscious culture and a get-information-NOW youth mentality. But I think print media has a classic nostalgia among its fervently loyal readers, and I know that when my favorite magazines closed, I felt cheated when they told me they would simply send me a sister publication – each is different and has its own personality, voice, subculture and lifestyle, so it really feels kind of sad.” Crystal Yan, marketing representative

“The printed medium is really sort of a lost art. In a sense, it is very old school to be reading newspapers when we could easily press a few buttons and read it on our handhelds.” Clara Lee, marketing representative

Q. As a staff member of Mochi magazine, an online magazine and blog, would you say you prefer reading online or printed publications?

I love everything about print magazines, from the look to the feel of them: its texture, smell, visual display – it’s more of an all-encompassing sort of thing and I’m better able to appreciate a magazine in its entirety when it’s in the flesh. For online magazines (although it also requires a lot of planning and design), it just never seems as ‘put together’ as print.” Angela Dong, relationships editor

“I prefer online publications because they’re usually free, more convenient for current-as-of-two-minutes-ago news, and generally more casual and easy to read and relate to. The print media I read is often more intellectual and feels like something I have to set aside time for to do, but reading online articles feels more spur-of-the-moment, learning-for-no-reason-just-for-learning’s-sake. Online writers tend to let their personalities shine through more. They’re witty, chirpy and less about being succinct and sensationalist.” Crystal Yan, marketing representative

What is your vision for magazines of the future?

My vision, or my ideal situation, is that all magazines can have an online site, while still providing a paper copy in some places, like the library. If possible, I hope there will be an increase in online popularity, and like with Mochi Magazine, the readers will be able to voice feelings toward articles.” Angela Tarng, web editor

I’m predicting that magazines will never go away. Most will probably choose an online option, but larger magazines/newspapers should still be able to stay in business, existing both as a printed and online version.” Clara Lee, marketing representative

Given our concern towards our preserving environment, such as by recycling and consuming less paper, how does this affect your view of the more cost-effective and eco-friendly movement of going digital with magazines and newspapers?

“I’m glad we’re trying to save more trees, though in a perfect world, all the newspapers and magazines I don’t read would go online while the rest would remain in print.” Angela Lee, copy chief

To be honest, I don’t really think about saving paper when it comes to enjoying my magazines or newspapers. I mean, can’t those all be recycled anyway? Although I do prefer online newspapers for their convenience, I don’t think of it as saving the environment first and foremost – it’s simple: get your paper, enjoy it and then recycle it.” Angela Dong, relationships editor

“I would love to be eco-friendly…can we find a happy medium? But I guess if going digital means saving the environment, of course I would choose to go digital! There’s only one Earth.” Erika Lam, director of marketing

I would be happy to know that we were consuming fewer trees, but I also have a hard time completely letting go of paper versions. Though I hope for an increase of popularity with online versions, I also hope for a continuing paper version on a smaller scale.” Angela Tarng, web editor

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