Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Thinking about having sex or already doing it? Here’s a checklist to help ensure a safer, healthier sex life:

– I want a sexual relationship.
– I’ve established honest and open communication with a partner who is respectful and whom I trust.
– My partner and I have defined what “sex” means to us, and we have established sexual boundaries.
– I know my partner’s sexual history, and all parties who had prior sexual experience will get tested before entering into this new sexual relationship.
– I’ve reached out to a gynecologist, counselor, parent or other trusted acquaintance about having sex.
– I have someone I’m not afraid to talk to openly if I have questions or concerns about sex.
– I know the risks of having sex, like getting pregnant or contracting STIs.
– I’ve figured out and procured the form of birth control that’s best suited for protecting myself.
– I feel secure and confident in my decision to have or start having sex.

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