-1Most reasons for attending college are pretty obvious: to learn subjects we’re passionate about, to acquire the skills needed for our dream careers, and to experience college social life. But could college increase your chances of having a better love life?
According to a recent article in Newsweek, studies have shown that women with college degrees are more likely to have happier marriages and lead satisfying romantic relationships. While high school dropouts had the highest marriage rates in the 1950s, today, women with college degrees are actually more likely to marry than those without a high school diploma (86 percent versus 81 percent).

Betsey Stevenson, an economist and professor at Harvard, explained that college-educated women today are more prone to call their marriages “happy” and are also less likely to divorce. This is because couples with college degrees marry more for love and compatibility as opposed to financial security. Therefore, people see their spouse as an all-around equal as opposed to just someone that will support them economically.

I don’t know about you, but these findings make me feel more optimistic about my future love life. It’s true that obtaining a college degree won’t guarantee me a ride into the sunset with my Prince Charming, and I don’t think my college experience so far has turned me into an expert on love. However, I will admit that this is an interesting twist on why you should keep studying hard after high school.

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0 Replies to “Does a College Degree Lead to a Happier Marriage?”

  1. bsasian says:

    yes, but i’m curious as to what the stats are of married women with higher education. i meet so many alums who are single! maybe it’s just my college…

  2. ladypink says:

    I think this is right on. Women with no degree’s/skill sets to support themselves as an adult person in the world would probably get depressing after a while. Especially after the little kids start to grow up and they have nothing left to do but wait on the husband hand and foot and clean house. Pretty crappy life if you ask me. Women are worth so much more, and should be completly equal to men in the work world. They should contribute to society just as much as their husbands. I also believe more women would have less depression in their 40’s-50’s if they had a college degree and were a part of the economic world when their “job” is over raising kids.

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