g-tdy-090326-body-image-1230p.h2We’ve been talking a lot about eating disorders lately. The constant body drama can be a little depressing, so we were happy to stumble upon Glamour’s recent blog post “4 Secrets of Women Who Love Their Bodies—at Any Size,” by Sarah Jio, which delves into the beauty and freedom of learning to love your body. Easier said than done, we know, but the best part of her post is how she reveals just how much of a difference a change in perspective—as opposed to physical appearance—can make in your life. As Jio observes,

“But women who love their bodies and have reached the beautiful place of acceptance don’t fret about these [negative] comments. Though they do sting, they don’t internalize them. They simply hear them and let them bounce off. I’ve seen women do this, in fact, and I’m working on doing the same.”

This shows how women can exude qualities of ease, contentment, confidence, and most important of all, balance, just by accepting and loving their bodies. So while it’s beneficial to exercise and eat healthfully, it’s also good to have moments where you can let loose as well. As the writer advocates, “Enough! I say, if you need to have the cupcake, have the damn cupcake!” Brava, Sarah.

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