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We’ll be honest here. Sex can be fun, exciting, pleasurable—and an important part of life. After all, sex plays a part in both your physical and emotional health and is perfectly normal to think about. But sex can also be overwhelming or confusing, and it does have big practical implications like pregnancy and STIs. Whether you’re thinking about having sex or are already doing it, Mochi brings you the facts and resources you need to help you navigate your experience, stay healthy and take care of your body.

Mochi’s guide to safe—well, let’s say safer, since sex is never completely safe—sex will answer some of your burning questions about sex: How do I know when I’m ready? What birth control options do I have? How worried do I really need to be about STIs and how do I get tested? In the following articles, you can find out how to protect yourself, learn about what to say when you have The Talk, get the facts straight about certain sex myths, share your opinions on the Asian American stigma surrounding sex and weigh in on how we define sex today. Whether you want to find a gynecologist or counselor to consult with or dig around the web to find more information, we have a fantastic list of resources and websitesto get you started.

Sex can be great, but it’s important that you’re confident in your decision to have it (or not). The less you have to worry about, the better you’ll feel and your experience will be. So take the time to understand your thoughts and feelings, protect yourself and establish open and trustful communication. And if you ever have any questions about sex or just want to talk, you can always reach us at

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