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Fitting a whole year’s worth of clothes and accessories into a dorm room can be a challenge, especially when you share the space with other people. These tested tips will help you maximize storage space and minimize roommate conflicts.

Minimize clutter with containers

– Vertical storage drawers are great for keeping makeup, jewelry and small items organized. Place them on top of dressers or desks to use your space efficiently.
– Plastic tubs that fit underneath your bed are perfect for storing seasonal clothes that you don’t need to access often.
– Drawer dividers are a great way to keep underwear and socks separate in your dresser, so you can grab and go in the mornings.

Create more space
– Put your bed on risers to increase storage space underneath. You won’t notice the effect, but you’ll be able to fit much more.
– Use shelves and bookcases to increase the room’s surface area. Vertical space can be hard to use efficiently, so divide it up. Shelves are also more accessible than stacks and piles of things.

Use existing space creatively
– Fill nooks and crannies efficiently. For example, a non-functional fireplace can’t store much, but is the perfect size for a shoe rack.
– Clothes don’t have to hang only in the closet. Tie scarves to the bed frame, hang belts and bags on door racks, and mount additional hooks throughout the room.

Make it work with the roomies
– Agree upon a fair division of space. You may have to compromise the size of your wardrobe for intra-room peace, but that is way more valuable in the long run.
– Decide ahead of time who will be responsible for specific storage items. You don’t want to end up with five (or zero) bookcases on move-in day. Or agree on a roommate shopping trip after you arrive so you don’t overlap.
– Check dimensions before move-in. Determine how much you can bring and what type of storage containers and furniture the room can accommodate—before you get there.

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