Apps allow us to multitask and manage our lives in a world where we’re constantly on the go. Check out these free apps that make your college experience just that much easier.

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RefMe (iOS, Android)
Everyone who has written a paper knows the dreaded feeling of thinking you’ve finished only to realize you still haven’t done the bibliography. With RefMe, you can quickly gather and cite all your sources correctly in the style of your choice. Pick from 6,500 styles and over 65 referencing sources. RefMe even allows you to organize by project, so you can assign which source goes with which paper. The app also has a Chrome add-on, so you can instantly add web pages as sources. It’s even useful for group projects as you can share sources with other users. When you’re all done, just export and save it as a file.

In short: RefMe is your time saver when it comes to creating your bibliography.

Venmo (iOS, Android)
College is full of fun group outings, but the night can end with a stressful attempt to split the bill. Venmo takes away the mess of trying to find exact change and keeping a list of IOUs by allowing you to pay or charge someone instantly. Create an account, connect your bank account, and you’re set to go. Depending on how comfortable you are using the app, you can even pay your roommates back for utilities through Venmo. It’s that easy. You will eventually build up Venmo credit, which you can easily transfer back into your bank account for no charge. This app is as convenient as it gets.

In short: The days of splitting the bill are long gone. Venmo allows you to quickly pay back and charge friends without the hassle.

Level Money (iOS, Android)
Realize you’ve been spending money too freely after discovering the usefulness of Venmo? Level Money is a budgeting app that can help you keep track of your finances. By connecting your bank account, Level Money will tell you how much you can spend based on past purchases. It also gives you the ability to create specific categories that can track how much you spend on coffee or gas, for example. Level Money also uses analytics to project future expenditures, so you won’t ever be surprised by your bank statement again.

In short: Keep track of your spending with the easiest budgeting app. Level Money will ensure you aren’t spending too much.

Evernote (iOS, Android)
Evernote keeps your notes from classes and meetings in one place. This app’s best asset is that it can be accessed on almost any computer or smartphone through one account. Its simple, clean design makes it both appealing and easy to use. To soothe your organizational needs, you can even group your notes for each class and create task lists for your day-to-day schedule. Evernote also gives you the ability to share ideas with other people through its sharing options. Many college students use Evernote and rave about how much easier it is than taking notes through other programs, such as Microsoft Word.

In short: Evernote is your new best friend when it comes to staying on top of your academic game. It keeps your notes, to-do lists, and group ideas in one convenient place.

Paper (iOS) / Bamboo Paper (iOS, Android)
If your inner creative mind prefers beautiful interfaces to help you stay organized and house your sketches, Paper by FiftyThree and Bamboo Paper are for you. Paper is only available for iOS products, but Bamboo Paper has been dubbed its Android equivalent. Draw or list concepts and ideas by choosing from various styluses and pens. Both apps allow you to share your work and follow other creative types who use the apps. These are definitely two of the best apps to help you find inspiration.

In short: Paper and Bamboo Paper are the perfect apps to keep your creative juices flowing, even when finals start to take over.

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