In the heart of Silicon Valley, Lynbrook High School is a math and science powerhouse with an 82 percent Asian American student population and an Intel Science School of Distinction commendation under its belt. With a school so concentrated in math and science, are there any literary opportunities? Enter: Overture Literary Magazine at Miller Middle School, the feeder middle school for Lynbrook. Together with Roopa Shankar, one of Mochi’s Marketing Representatives, I started Overture to help students at Miller Middle School express their creativity and artistic abilities through original prose, poetry, and artwork.
Every month, we lead students in writing and art activities that expose them to new aspects of writing and art, and ask them to participate in peer-to-peer workshops, where they bring first drafts of their pieces and provide each other with constructive feedback. We hope to foster literary talent in this technology-driven area in hopes of giving students the chance to discover their creative talents. Overture is sponsored by the Youth Advisory Council of San Jose District 1, where Roopa and I are active members. We are currently planning to initiate additional Overture branches in middle schools throughout San Jose, and eventually even around the state, nation, and world. By doing so, we hope to shatter stereotypes about Asian Americans around the globe and eliminate preconceptions about their typical career pathways.

Check us out at and If you have any questions or comments, or if you are interested in starting an Overture branch at your local middle school, please email Help us as we spread literary awareness and encourage youth around the world to break tradition and chase their dreams—whatever they may be.

Guest blogger Kimberly Tan is an incoming senior at Lynbrook High School. She is heavily involved in her school’s speech and debate program as President and is a prolific writer of poetry, prose, and non-fiction essays. Contact her at