Photo: MAD Photography

Photo: MAD Photography

Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and spiritual thinker, once said, “Start before you’re ready.” But how and where do you begin? Whether you’re a high school student contemplating your college career or a professional who feels uninspired with your work, Anita Wing Lee, founder of, formerly “The Passion Playbook,” says the trick to finding your passion is as simple as doing something that makes you happy every day. “People don’t buy into what they do; they buy into what they stand for. The first thing you can do is to ask yourself ‘why.’ No matter what it is you do, think about why you’re doing it and how it gives you a sense of purpose. Before I started my line of work, I looked back at my childhood and asked myself when was I the happiest. When was I at my lowest?” Lee advises.

If you’re unhappy with the work you do, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit your job or drop out of school. It takes time to build upon your goals before you can truly launch them. You can’t write a best-selling novel in a day, but you can write for 30 minutes each day, and it can become something great. In the same way, you can’t start a successful business without laying the groundwork and creating a strong team.

“I don’t think there are unrealistic goals or dreams. Every single action takes you a step closer. A half hour sending applications can lead up to a miracle. Finding your purpose takes work. It’s very easy for people to think that they need to change their external life to make their internal life better, but it’s really the other way around,” Lee says.

What’s also important to remember is that there truly is no end game to achieving your goals. The most successful people have limitless dreams; they don’t stop when they’ve hit a milestone. They’ve only just begun.

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