Photo courtesy of ZaoZao

Photo courtesy of ZaoZao


There’s enough to be said about the tragic outlook of millennials. Many people think that we’re narcissistic, entitled, and just plain lazy, but we beg to differ. Trust us, we’re not as awful as the writers who constantly profile our screen-obsessed, hashtag-talking generation paint us to be. In a time when jobs were being slashed left and right, many took opportunity into their own hands and changed the landscape of a host of industries, from fashion and health to finance and tech.

Here, we pulled together a list of up-and-coming start-ups conjured, created, and cultivated by successful Asian Americans of the millennial generation. With hundreds of thousands of fans and followers, these gutsy go-getters don’t just keep up with times—they set them up. We celebrate these influencers and visionaries who are forging a new path for our generation, and, as they set the world on fire, we hope they will stoke your passions too.


Terracotta New York

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