After years of collecting endless questions about makeup and skincare, beauty aficionado Michelle Phan has launched Em Cosmetics, inspired by you. As Phan explains on her YouTube channel, “em” is the Vietnamese word for “you”; it implies youth and is a term of adoration and affection from a male addressing his female partner. Em can also mean younger sister, young lady, girlfriend, and wife.
Phan’s dreams of creating a quality cosmetics line that caters to a variety of skin types and tones and include products, colors, and textures from the best products in the world came true when Carol Hamilton, president of L’Oreal Luxe, approached Phan about creating her own line inspired by her fans.

During this two-year process, Phan traveled to France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, and Australia to meet with her fans and gather feedback for the product development and design of her cosmetics line. In addition, Phan flew to three different art schools across the country and hosted design challenges, where students had to create samples of her packaging within 48 hours; the winning college would receive a scholarship.

This week, Phan’s Em Cosmetics was brought to life, with makeup palettes designed for every beauty story, including career, night, love, beach, day, and party. As Phan puts it, Em is a reflection of her.

Em Cosmetics is expected to open its first store in New York City this October.

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