I’m usually not a fan of free makeovers, but when it involves Bare Escentuals offering free “make-unders” for their fall beauty bash event—I’m sold. This weekend I dropped by my local Bare Escentuals boutique because a) Bare Escentuals is a brand that I like but don’t own a lot of and b) makeovers can be plain fun.
The service: The boutique was completely packed with people waiting for makeovers. My sales assistant seemed a little flustered, but was still able to strike up a nice conversation. Any worries I had about sanitation were eased when she cleaned all the brushes in front of me and used disposable applicators for mascara and gloss.

As for the actual application, I was nervous at first since non-Asian makeup artists have a tendency to misjudge Asian eyelids, especially double eyelids. While I have the fold, I don’t have the deep crease that makes contouring easy. My makeup artist used a really interesting technique of applying the contour color with a fluffy brush to the corner of my eyes before adding the base color; the blending of the two colors created a nice effect. She was very good at picking colors to match my skin tone, and even though my eye makeup ended up a little too dramatic (she did overestimate the crease), I was very pleased.

The products: Of all the products used for my makeover, the two I was most impressed with were the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish (Dolly) and the Liner Shadow (Coffee Bean). The Dolly Buxom Lip Gloss was more moisturizing than I expected, and its fresh look lasted even after I went through a whole bag of pretzels. It was a little too lacquered at first, but it eventually toned down to a glossy pinkish nude. My makeup artist mixed the Liner Shadow with the Weather Everything Liner Sealer, to make a pigmented liquid eyeliner which she applied with a bent liner brush.

Overall it was a fun experience, and I may even recommend Bare Escentuals’s dependable natural look over the dramatic but popular MAC makeover. Most Bare Escentuals boutiques do makeovers by appointment, so be sure to drop by your local boutique.

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