Illustration: Jenny Yu

Illustration: Jenny Yu

We’ve all been there—opted for a beauty trend that we eventually no longer want to maintain. Whether you’re tired of your ombre look, struggling to grow out your bangs, or trying to fix over-plucked brows, here’s how to handle those moments when you’re in between styles.

Old Ombres
When ombre hairstyles get to a certain length, the formerly light color starts to give way to icky-looking grown-out roots. An affordable solution is to go dark—re-dye all your hair in a solid color. We recommend going to a salon, especially if your ombre is very light, so that you don’t come out with a brassy green-toned brown.

If you don’t want to dye your hair again, you’ll have to lose some length. Trim the dyed ends and get a few layers so that the difference in hair color is no longer as stark and so you can begin growing out your hair in its natural color. The upside of getting a trim? Your ends will get cleaned up and your hair will feel a lot healthier (ombre is a pretty harsh process on the hair).

For those who are willing to spend more money for a less drastic transition, ask a stylist to blend your hair with balayage lowlights and highlights. In this method, highlights and lowlights are hand painted on. Balayage ‘dos grow out more gracefully and naturally compared to an ombre—the dark and light tones are blended together more smoothly at the top.

Too-Long Bangs
Growing out your bangs? The most annoying stage is when they start getting into your eyes. Simply sweeping them to the side isn’t always easy, particularly if you prefer not to use a lot of products or if you have straight, blunt bangs that will end up looking limp. One easy solution is to clip or bobby pin them back on top of your head. Otherwise, try the blow-dry method: use a round brush to give your hair a bit of curl and volume as you dry it.

If you don’t mind using a bit of molding clay or light mousse, try a side part. Simply pick a side, brush the bangs in that particular direction, and use your product of choice to hold it in place.

In general, headbands and clips are your new best friends. When growing out your bangs, it’s the perfect time to play with different hairstyles to keep them in place. You can also experiment with different styles, like braiding your bangs into a longer section of hair and pinning them back.

Over-Plucked Eyebrows
Accidentally left with pencil-thin eyebrows? First things first—put down the tweezers and step away! When we over-pluck eyebrows, the immediate response is to pluck the other side to match, but you’ll likely end up plucking out more than you should.

Instead of tweezers, pick up an eyebrow brush and a quality eyebrow pencil that matches your natural hair coloring. First, brush your eyebrow hairs in the same direction, then shape by applying light pencil strokes from the bottom of your brow. To give the illusion of thicker brows, create an outline just a tad higher than the top of your current brow then lightly fill in the rest. Use the brush to blend and achieve a natural look.

As you wait for the hairs to grow back, you can also take a cue from this Indian beauty ritual: use castor oil to encourage eyelash and eyebrow growth. Apply a small amount each night to nourish your follicles.

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