Over the past few years, Asia has become the ultimate destination for high-end beauty products, bringing cutting-edge technology and innovative branding to the forefront. But Peach and Lily founders Alicia Yoon and Cindy Kim had a pulse on Asian beauty products long before the first batch of BB creams came to America.

As athletes, professional diver Alicia Yoon and international figure skater Cindy Kim both battled with skin issues, thanks to long hours at the pool and freezing temperatures at the ice rink respectively. When the two met a few years ago in South Korea, they decided to turn their obsession with skincare and beauty products into an e-commerce business.

When they traveled, Yoon and Kim both found themselves always bringing back bags of Korean and Japanese BB creams, skin serums, hand creams, and other beauty products for their friends and family. So why not, they thought, just make the products more easily accessible to people in the States? Joining their business savvy—Yoon is a Harvard Business School graduate and Kim a Wharton Business School candidate—the two created a bridge for bringing coveted Asian beauty products to the country.

Since they launched early this year, Peach and Lily has featured high-end beauty products from Sua Young, Tatcha, Caolian, and Mizon, with the likes of snail creams, whitening serums, and even starfish creams. Moreover, they recently started a partnership with Allure to feature some of their bestselling products on the beauty magazine’s site.

“Our number one priority is to always curate the best, most innovative, effective, and high-quality beauty products to the U.S. consumer from Korea and Japan, which are two of the world’s most beauty-forward countries. So we spend a lot of time hunting down the best and filtering the brands and products through a very stringent curation process,” Yoon says.

Kim and Yoon go through a rigorous testing process for products before featuring them on their site, including going through the ingredients and formulations carefully, product efficacy, beautiful packaging, solid branding, and stellar customer reviews. “We interview the teams behind the brands to thoroughly understand the company philosophy and the R&D behind the products. It’s only when a brand and its products truly wow us that we partner with them on our site,” Kim says.

“Korean and Japanese women put an incredible amount of care and effort into taking care of their skin, and we are strong believers that this kind of effort truly pays off in the long run!” Kim says. “The reason Asian women age so well might partially have to do with their genes, but it has a lot to do with the fact that they treat their skin with the ultimate respect.” Now that gives a whole new meaning to Asian glow.

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