There’s a difference between drugstore makeup and cheap makeup—the most affordable finds are never at the L’Oreal and Maybelline aisles. Enter NYX, which is priced in the same range as other drugstore brands (cheaper than some, even), with quality at the level of department store brands. My latest NYX binge resulted in a few new jumbo pencils, which are my new drugstore obsession. At about $3 a pop for a 4-inch long jumbo pencil, these babies are a steal. They are a dupe for Sephora’s thick eyeliner sticks ($5 for a 3-inch stick), if not creamier and more pigmented. Between the two, I’d pick NYX pencils since their colors are more unique as well. My two favorites are as follows:
Yogurt: I’d call this a shimmery pale pinkish nude. It’s great as a highlighter (under the arches of your eyebrows or along the tops of your cheekbones). You can use it on the corner of your eyes or as bottom eyeliner to brighten your eyes and make them look larger. You can wear it as eyeshadow (just be sure to wear a primer—it might crease), or use it as a base to add dimension to any pale eyeshadows. It looks particularly good under any champagne, light purple, or pink eyeshadows.

Rust: What a unique color. It is pretty much the color of rust, just with a shimmer. I like to apply it as a top eyeliner on its own; it starts off as a pretty intense reddish burgundy but throughout the day it fades into more of a reddish purple color. It’s a unique color and helps make brown eyes pop. You can also try wearing it under any brown eyeshadow that has red or purple undertones (my preferred shadow is Urban Decay Roach) to give the red in the brown eyeshadow more dimension. Just beware of smudging—if you’re wearing Yogurt as a bottom eyeliner you might not have to use a base, but anything with such a bright red tone will require a good primer.


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