Happy Earth Day, dolls! This week, we’re trading in our passé, goopy nail polish for trendy new colors with Zoya’s sweet eco-friendly deal. We’re also vowing to be kinder to ourselves, and glow from the inside out with a new BB tea. What new beauty trends will you be trying? Tweet us at @mochimag #makeupmondays to share!  


Recycle your nail polish

Until April 26, eco-conscious beauty brand, Zoya, is helping you to properly recycle your polishes—and exchange them for new ones! To participate, gather up your old, unwanted nail polish bottles, head over to, and pick out some new shades you’d like to add to your collection (select between six and 24). Enter code ZOYAEARTH2013 at checkout to receive 50 percent off your polish. Then, when your order arrives, ship your old nail polish collection to the return address on the box and Zoya will take care of responsibly recycling your icky, old colors. See, it is easy being green.

Is everything better with BB’s?

Almost a year ago, BB creams started dominating the U.S. market. Since then, we’ve not only seen BB creams for hair (like Pantene’s Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Cream) but also witnessed the evolution of CC creams, and are now awaiting the arrival of the first DD cream (which I first wrote about here). This week, Beauty Blitz reports the latest BB trend: BB Tea. Kusmi’s BB Detox is formulated to make your skin glow from the inside out by detoxifying with a combination of maté, rooibos, green tea, and powerful antioxidants. Although you may not be craving hot tea with the arrival of gorgeous spring weather, no one says you can’t drink some BB Detox on ice. Tell us, will you be trying this new BB trend?


You are more beautiful than you think

Have you seen this yet? It’s Dove’s latest video, “Sketches,” part of their Campaign for Real Beauty, which powerfully demonstrates how we are our own worst critics. In the video, FBI-trained forensic sketch artist Gil Zamora draws portraits of several women based solely on their own verbal descriptions of their faces. Separated by a curtain, neither artist nor subject can see one another. Zamora then repeats those sketches using a stranger’s verbal description of the same woman. The conclusion: we are unnecessarily critical of ourselves. That beauty mark beneath your eye? You’re the only one obsessing over it. Now let’s try to let go of our criticism and be nicer to ourselves.

Nail polish for sensitive skin

On occasion, after painting my nails, I’ll get an awful rash on my face because I rubbed my eye too quickly after dipping my fingers in acetone or coating my nails with a fresh coat of lacquer. Thankfully, Clinique’s got sensitive-skinned gals covered. They’ve recently launched a gorgeous line of A Different Nail Enamel for Sensitive Skin. Just as rich in color and glossy in finish as your favorite polishes, Clinique’s formula promises not to make your eyes water, itch, or burn after application (so glad to know I’m not the only one!). I’ve already scooped up 70° and Sunny, a vibrant golden yellow for $16 a pop. I’ve also got my eye on Hot Date, a bright purple, and Summer in the City, a glossy watermelon pink.

What are some hot, new trends you’re flirting with this spring?

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