I can’t believe today is the last day of September—time is really flying! I’ve been super busy with the beginning of a new season but Refinery 29 has my back. They published an awesome article of tips to fake a good night’s sleep(hint: it’s more than just concealer). Beside that, I’m really into my newest beauty discovery, Miyu. It’s been a while since I discovered a brand that has made me so excited. What great beauty products have you found lately? Tweet us at @mochimag #makeupmonday to share.

Teas & Beauty

It’s no secret that tea can do amazing things for your body. We saw the world’s first BB tea in April and learned about tea’s overall health benefits. But this week, The Cut reported on a newly launched beauty brand: Miyu. Based on her belief that great skin stems from the inside out, Miyu founder Connie Tai complements “beauty essences” with specially blended teas. The beauty essences are great for girls on the go. Although these are sprayed onto the face like a facial mist, the beauty essences have the technology and potency of a serum. So far, Miyu offers two pairings: hydrate and de-stress… but I’m sure we can count on many more in the future.

Sleeping Beauty

Although we know we should be getting 8 hours of sleep, juggling personal and professional commitments can rob us of precious slumber. Worst of all, the bags under puffy eyes are a telltale sign to our co-workers and friends that we’re seriously sleep deprived. Refinery 29 has compiled a helpful list of tips to combat skin woes that accompany sleep deprivation. For example, you can reduce under-eye puffiness by applying heat, then cold, to your eyes. The heat helps with circulation while the cold shrinks capillaries, which encourages the drainage of toxins. Plus, there are some other great tips to fake a full night’s sleep. This is something I’ll be bookmarking for future reference!

NYFW on Your Nails

Designers like Nicholas KRolando Santana, and Zang Toi collaborated with Zoya to create custom polishes to accompany their presentations. The best part? You can buy most of them and re-create the gorgeous manicures we saw on the runway during Fashion Week. Zoya posted close-ups and runway photos as well as directions for how to DIY your favorites. My personal pick? The “nail wave” manicure at Peter Som. The trio is for sale at for $24 and you can see the other nail polish trios available here. Which manicure will you be copying?

Navy Lust

I’m really feeling navy nails for fall, which I shared here, and apparently, I’m not the only one! Beauty High did a roundup of the 10 best navy nail polishes, with polishes for every price point. The featured navies are all different—JinSOON has a textured glitter finished (Beauty High recommends adding a matte top coat to drive the look home), while Illamasqua’s is metallic, and Julep’s has a classic, creamy finish. Are you going to invest in a navy nail color this season? I know I’ll find it tough not to buy them all!

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