I can’t believe that we’re starting the last week of January! For those of you who made New Year’s resolutions, now is a good time to check in, evaluate your progress, and get re-inspired. This year, I decided not to make a resolution (which has its benefits). And this article from Savvy Sugar made me realize that some of my “bad” habits aren’t so bad. While it’s always admirable to strive to be the best you possible, it’s also important to embrace the qualities that make you unique. Let us know what you love about you at @MochiMag #MakeupMonday.

Wintertime romance

Whether or not you’re planning something special for Valentine’s Day, Brit + Co.’s roundup of romantic hairdos is a great resource for the next time you want to feel extra pretty. From glamorous chignons to sophisticated ponytails, there’s something on this list for every skill level and occasion. (High school readers: bookmark this as a reference for prom season.)

Get polished in a flash

I cannot resist reading articles that promise to cut down my morning primping time, and these 10 tips from College Fashion were no exception. This list is great because in addition to offering suggestions for doing hair and makeup in a pinch, they have some great advice for mindless dressing. I’m definitely going to try pairing fun accessories over basic black the next time I oversleep!

Troubleshooting tresses

Concerned about your hair? Beauty High breaks down some common hair woes and solutions to remedy, or at least conceal, those problems. For example, if your hair takes forever to dry, it’s probably a little dehydrated. Apparently healthy hair dries faster than dry hair. (I totally didn’t know that.)

Master tools

Style guru Emily Schuman of the incredibly popular style blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere (if you aren’t following her already, you need to now!), shares her favorite makeup brushes. If you’re in the market for new brushes or just want to update what you have, be sure to check out her recommendations. High-quality brushes go a long way towards flawless makeup application.

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