Revlon Runway Collection1Since spending $45 plus for a professional manicure each time your nails start to chip (usually every two weeks) is just way too costly for us financially-challenged students, I often wonder how you can get salon-quality nails without becoming broke.
Then I came across Revlon Runway Collection, an affordable nail kit that comes in various natural, decorative and chic nail designs, so you can get stylish nails in no time — and for less than $10. After giving the nail kit a test, I found the results to be quite promising.

Each nail kit comes with 24 nails in 12 different sizes, and includes three gram glue and one buffer — all for only $7.99.

All you need to do is make sure your nails are clean and prepped for bonding. Then you just add an even layer of gram glue to both your natural nail and the artificial nail, press firmly for about five seconds, and you’re all set. Overall, it took a mere 10 minutes to get the final look and results last.

Revlon Runway CollectionBut here’s a little word of advice: Don’t overdo with the glue! When I first tried it, I thought putting more glue would ensure its adhesiveness, but it got all over my fingers and caused air bubbles to form underneath the nails.

Other than that, I’m quite satisfied and impressed with how professional these nails look (check out my finished nails at the photo on the right). Cheap, chic and easy to do at home — this product’s worth a try.

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