These foolproof fashion and beauty tips from Mochi staffers will have you looking (and feeling) fresh this spring.

Tiffany Yu, Recruiting Director & Blogger
To tame flyaways, use clear mascara—or spray a comb with hairspray and comb through.

Go for one bold color or pattern and keep the rest of your outfit neutral. When in doubt, add some statement jewelry!

Hang wrinkled clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The steam from the shower will help release some of those wrinkles.

CeCe Yuan, Entertainment Editor
If you’re having a bad day—whether you’re feeling gross, scared, vulnerable, or have PMS symptoms—boost your confidence with a black leather jacket or boots. Since you look tougher, it’ll undoubtedly affect your mood. Fake it until you make it.

Stephanie Wu, Co-Founder
In order not to waste any lotion, cream, or serum, first use it on the area of your body that it’s meant for (face, hands, etc.), and then wipe off any remaining product on your hands by rubbing it into common dry spots like your elbows or knees. It’s a fail-proof way of keeping those elbows nice and moisturized!

When you’re not 100 percent confident about an outfit, default to the New York standard: all black. For an extra boost, swipe on a red lipstick for some extra color—I love Red Racer from MAC. (This is from a 2012 collection and therefore no longer available directly via MAC, but you can still find it through other retailers.)

Tiffany Ayuda, Health Editor
If you don’t have enough time to wash your hair after a workout—or if you tend to have an oily scalp and don’t want to wash your hair everyday—use a dry shampoo to freshen up.

Instead of wearing foundation every day, use Kiehl’s BB cream with SPF 50. Apply just to the areas where you need coverage. It’s a lightweight formula that lasts throughout the day and also has vitamin C, which helps with anti-aging.

For a DIY scrub, mix extra-virgin coconut oil with steel-cut oats. This mixture will moisturize and exfoliate your skin. You can also add brown sugar or whole green tea leaves for more texture.

Tiffany Hu, Creative Director
Apply sunscreen on your face and neck before going out, even if the sun isn’t out and even if you wear foundation with SPF! I like Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence Sunscreen (just $10 on Amazon) because it’s lightweight, colorless, and odorless. It basically feels like a moisturizer and leaves your skin super cool and smooth.

Marietta Leung, Senior Photographer
Greasy hair and no dry shampoo? Sprinkle some baby powder onto your roots and brush your hair until you can’t see the powder anymore.

To make nail polish pop more, especially neon colors, apply white nail polish first as a base coat.

At the end of a shower, run your hair through cold water to help close your hair cuticle and seal moisture into your hair. You’ll get smoother, less frizzy hair.

Christine Wei, Deputy Editor
If you’re always rushing out the door in the morning like me, one of the best beauty practices is to find a hairstylist who gives great wash-and-go cuts. I haven’t touched a hairbrush in about nine years—though a spray bottle of water is great for flyaway quick fixes between washes.

Also useful for those hectic mornings, if you take public transit to work: compact foundation that you can apply with one hand on the subway, so you can hold up your mirror with the other. (Yep, I’m one of those girls.)

Kelly Fong, Copy Chief
Need a good lip moisturizer? Try Neosporin Overnight Lip Renewal. Apply it before you go to bed or throughout the day.

If you have dry skin on your face, purchase a humidifier and let it run while you’re asleep. You’ll wake up in the morning with baby soft skin.

Yi-Jin Yu, Food Editor
Invest in a good quality black blazer and classic striped Breton top. These two basics are universally flattering, and they’re perfect layering pieces for any style and shape. They’ll be your go-to pieces that you can throw on any time of the year and run out the door, without looking like you didn’t try—or tried too hard.

Xiaofei Jalette, Fashion Editor
For those with dry skin, mix your moisturizer with foundation or BB cream rather than applying one on top of the other.

Dark lips? No worries! To get your lipstick or lip stain color to pop, first cover up with some lip concealer.

Head-to-toe skintight outfits should be reserved for models. Pair a loose fitting top with skinny jeans or vice versa. Remember: It’s all about creating balance.

Have you tried our recommendations? Let us know what you think and share your own go-to tips in the comments below.

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