While the rest of the world was using YouTube to watch and upload funny or embarrassing life moments years ago, pioneering musicians like David Choi recognized the potential of online video-sharing to launch their careers. Virtually overnight, David’s video for the humorous “YouTube (A Love Song)” transformed him from little-known songwriter/producer to an Internet sensation.

With more than 900,000 subscribers and 12 million channel views, David has gone on four tours across the United States and Asia in two years. He will be releasing his third album “Forever and Ever” in October. He also recently released his third music video for his single “By My Side” which features fashion blogger, Jenny Ong.

If you have never heard any of David’s songs or seen his videos, I highly recommend watching “By My Side” (think Romeo and Juliet balcony scene meets Up). It’s a great example of his talent as a writer and singer of modern love ballads. Romantics beware: potential side effects include melting heart, buckling knees, and warm/squishy feelings.

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