If you’re like me and wondering when Far East Movement will be releasing new songs, the wait is almost over! The Asian American music group says they are hoping to release their sophomore album early next year. Just last year, the group sold 162,000 copies of their debut album Free Wired, and their single “Like a G6” spent three weeks as No. 1 in the Hot 100 with 3.7 million downloads.

Next year may sound far away, but the guys are hard at work writing new material. The band’s Kev Nish says there will be a few hip-hop songs and synth dance tracks, but the majority of the album will be a “heavy trunk bass sound for the dance floor.” Far East Movement is working with David Guetta, Bangladesh, the Stereotypes, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, and a few unknown producers on this upcoming album.

In order to get that dirty bass sound, the group says they will be testing out the new songs on the sound system of a refurbished 1989 Cadillac limo. There’s no word on which artists they will be collaborating with on the album, but Lil Wayne is currently at the top of the list. The rapper recently had Far East Movement on tour with him. My copy of Free Wired is all scratched up from continuous listens, so I can’t wait for the follow up.

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