anatomyhellokitty—It looks like formerly imprisoned journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee are following the trend of earning a book deal to share (and capitalize on) their experience being held in captivity in North Korea. While Laura is still shopping around for a book deal that will “examine the meaning of sisterhood and journalistic ideals,” Euna beat her to the punches with a six-figure deal to write a memoir of her imprisonment. [via Gawker]
—The infamous “balloon boy” parents plead guilty today, as expected. The father Richard Heene pleaded guilty to a felony charge of attempting to influence a public servant, while the mother Mayumi Heene, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of false reporting. Of course, the most fitting charge would be to simply ignore them for the rest of their lives. [via USA Today ]

—Designer Alexander Wang just keeps on reeling in success this year, as he was recently named the winner of the 2009 Swiss Textiles Award, (which went to Rodarte last year), winning 100,000 euros (about $150,000) to help his brand in international development. Congrats! [via Fashionista ]

—In a fresh new take on the iconic Hello Kitty, Dr. Romanelli has teamed up with Hello Kitty and Sanrio to bring to you “Anatomy Vintage” Figurine, exposing the organs of Hello Kitty to prove that yes, she’s cute even on the inside. [via Fashion Week Daily]

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