Popular Instagram user, Christina Liu, better known as ChrisaliesCorners, has expanded onto YouTube. On Instagram, you may be familiar with Liu’s regular posts of “Outfit of the Day” (OOTD) looks, as well as the occasional beauty shots. Now, she’s taken on a new venture on YouTube. With her happy and cute outlook, it’s hard not to like her outfit videos and her makeup tutorials. We caught up with the eighteen-year-old to learn more about her process, upcoming fall looks, makeup and more.

What was your inspiration behind expanding from Instagram to YouTube?

Once I started gaining more and more attention on Instagram, I got a lot of requests to start making Youtube videos. I’ve always loved YouTube and have questioned myself a few times if I should get started. Since Instagram limits me to expressing myself through pictures, I thought I’d just take the opportunity to start YouTube. This way I can interact with my viewers and supporters. It’s also a great way to express myself and show my personality.

What do you use to make your videos?

I use the Canon Rebel T5i and Final Cut Pro X to edit. I’m still getting used to it but I’m learning!

What are your favorite pieces of clothing and makeup you can’t live without?

My staple pieces in my wardrobe have to be my blazers. Many people on Instagram call me the “Queen of Blazers,” which I find pretty funny. I wear a lot of blazers, as many people know, and I find that it instantly makes all my outfits more put together. Dresses are also a staple of mine because you can instantly dress it up or dress it down by layering pieces on it. My favorite makeup product has to be concealer. I only use concealer underneath my eyes. I find that using a shade one or two shades lighter can instantly make the face appear brighter. I use Maybelline’s Instant Rewind concealer in Neutralizer.

What are the upcoming fall/winter trends?

The upcoming trends for fall and winter definitely include layering. It’s a great way to put together a chic outfit and make them look more detailed, not to mention to they keep you warm! Another hot trend is street style; it’s more edgy and incorporates a lot of monochrome colors. You see this trend in a lot of shows for fashion week!

Do you have any tips for aspiring Instagram users?

I think the biggest tip would be to stay consistent. On some days you just don’t want to post anything, but it’s best that you post daily to keep your viewers updated. Remember that everyone starts on the bottom and works their way to the top. You have to start somewhere, so don’t be bummed out. Be yourself: People often find competition with others, but you always have to remember to stick with your own taste and personality. If something’s a big trend and it’s not personally your taste, you don’t have to follow it. Your followers like your personal style, so just be you! Lastly, have fun with it, you have to be passionate and happy with what you are doing.

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