mariedigby1We already knew Marié Digby was a talented singer and songwriter. But who knew she was also really funny?
Mochi was recently invited to attend one of her shows in Los Angeles at the Hotel Café, where Digby is finishing up a month-long residence of weekly Monday night performances. Her new album, “Breathing Underwater,” debuted in September, and she treated her audience to a mix of old favorites like “Say It Again” and “Stupid For You” (or “Thtoopid for Yoo,” as she playfully called it), in addition to new tracks like “Avalanche” and the wrenching “Feel.”

Easily switching back and forth between heartfelt and hilarious, she even offered to demonstrate her cough for everyone, which as she put it, sounds a lot like a sea lion (it seriously does). We were expecting some nice melodies from the songstress, but were surprised by how charmingly dorky she is too. To catch her next show, check out her MySpace page for upcoming tour dates. And keep an eye out for Mochi magazine’s feature on Digby in our next issue, coming in just a few weeks!

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