cdocuments-and-settingslsteinbedesktopwangbag_blogAlexander Wang’s popularity is on overdrive, as he reports on Style File/ that his Rocco bag is already sold out at Barneys, with a waiting list of 400 plus. On top of that, his entire Spring 2010 handbag line has also sold out with pre-buys.
Though I can see the rocker-chic appeal, with its silver studs and pebble-textured leather, I’m not sure I understand all of the bag’s hype yet since it looks pretty average in photos. But then again, its popularity probably has to do with the fact that celebs including Rihanna and Mary-Kate Olsen have been seen around town with the bag — and of course if MK’s wearing it, then it’s definitely “in.”

Now the Yves Saint Laurent Downtown totethat is an “it” bag whose appeal I actually understand (and a bag I’m still desperately lusting for even after the hype died down).

What do you think readers? Do you think the Rocco bag is worth the $850 and a 400-plus waiting line?

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