There’s no shortage of media coverage of the world’s most famous invisible horse dancer these days. Here’s a quick rundown of a week in the life of Psy:

  •  The Korean rapper and songwriter beat out Justin Bieber for the honor of having the most watched YouTube video of all time — Psy’s “Gangnam Style” toppled Bieber’s “Baby,” with over 900 million hits and counting.
  • His internet fame has translated into countless TV appearances since the video’s release, and Saturday, Dec. 8, will be no different, with a scheduled appearance airing on Univision’s “Sabado Gigante,” in addition to an award acceptance at KoreAm’s annual “Unforgettable” gala.
  • But the internet giveth, and the internet taketh away. On the heels of his summer-long skyrocket to fame comes some deeper digging into his musical history, and now the spotlight has turned to Psy’s alleged anti-American military sentiment during a controversial 2004 protest concert performance of the song, “Dear American,” by the South Korean music group N.EX.T.
  • He has since apologized, but many are still calling for a cancellation of his upcoming performance at the annual “Christmas in Washington” concert in D.C. on Dec. 9, which President Obama and family are scheduled to attend.

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