Take it easy, ladies—Rain’s muscles will not be making an appearance today, like they did in his film “Ninja Assassin.” Instead, you can look out for the South Korean pop star’s newest album, “Back to the Basic,” which was released today.
Including his 2006 Japanese studio recording, this is Rain’s seventh album since 2002. You may have already seen the teaser for the release and heard the single “Love Song,” which came out two days ago.

The single is not bad for the 27-year-old’s first ballad. Like any good slow song, the lyrics tap deeply into basic human emotion; “Love Song” tells the story of a man who misses the woman he loves and just wants her to come back to him. The accompaniment balances the melody well, and instrumentals include strings and piano, as expected in a romantic Korean tune. The signature airy vocals are, of course, ever-present, and Rain’s delivery was nonetheless impressive.

It’ll be interesting to see music videos for “Back to Basic.” Whether Rain’s performance for his ballads will differ from visually appealing dances to his high-energy tunes will be a mystery for now, though teasers for his songs such as “Love Song” appear more cinematic and dramatic than usual. Either way, we’re eager to see and hear what he has in store for us with this new album, as Rain—singer, actor, dancer, businessman and all-around good-looking guy—is after all, a man of many talents.

Learn more about Rain and his new album at his official website here.

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  2. Rain still remains popular no matter how many posts mae here and there. 😮 )

  3. Your fan. says:

    Hi! I think rain is a phenomenal person. My sister and I love love his smoth dancing and great songs. Hopefuly all his dream and wants will come true,and more. See you next time your in New York and mabe we can play you in dance dance revolution.
    Your fan.

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