15734968Janice Min, editor in chief of “Us Weekly,” announced today that she will be stepping down after her contract ends next week on Aug.1. No, she wasn’t fired. And no, it’s not because the magazine’s tanking — because it isn’t. In this sad, ad-pages dropping magazine world, “Us Weekly” is actually doing quite well.
Min simply states, “After six years as the editor of Us Weekly, I am leaving. In short, I decided it was time to try something else in my life, do a little Gosselin detox and occasionally go out on Monday nights. There are no immediate plans, except to enjoy the month of August, take some tennis lessons, and maybe finally edit my wedding album.”

Good for her. After a solid six years at “Us Weekly,” she can walk away with satisfaction. During her time there, she boosted their rate base from 1 million to 1.9 million, earned the magazine a respectable reputation, and secured “Us Weekly” as the No.2 celebrity title right behind “People.” Quite impressive.

I love how confidently she is able to step down from her position, and fearlessly pursue whatever may come next in life.  An admirable career woman, who I’m sure will have much more success to come, Min has definitely been a role model for all of us aspiring magazine girls!

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