439920225_c65906b2dcI know, I know, it’s a small quibble considering all of the other characters and events that have been tossed to the wayside in the Harry Potter films. But, am I the only one who’s a little put out that Cho Chang was cut completely from the latest installment, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?”
As the only explicitly Asian character in the Harry Potter books, I immediately latched onto Cho as “my” character. Since she first appeared in the third book and right up until the sixth, I remember fervently wanting it to work out between her and Harry. Whether it was because I tend to put myself in the shoes of Asian female characters or because I wanted more Asian representation in general, the point is, I rooted for her until the very end, even when Rowling wrote her out to be an emotional wreck.

I understand that Cho Chang isn’t a central part to the story now that Harry’s moved onto Ginny. But it’s disappointing that we couldn’t get at least a little closure to the relationship — a small scene, a brief mention of the break up, something. According to, Scottich actress Katie Leung, who plays Cho Chang, did do some filming for “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” but it looks like the scenes got cut out for time’s sake.

Which is a damn shame. For a movie that focused so much on the budding love lives of the Hogwarts habitués, it doesn’t seem right that it pretended as if the Harry/Cho thing never happened. Plus, Katie Leung is completely absent from any scenes; I couldn’t even spot her in the background. The only Asian-looking actress was the girl who plays Leanne (Isabella Laughland), who’s with Katie Bell when she touches the cursed necklace.

As a long-time Potter nerd and a big supporter of Cho Chang/Katie Leung, I must say, I’m more than a little bummed.

Ed’s note: Online research says Katie Leung’s name appeared in the end credits, but no one recalls actually seeing her in the movie.

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20 Replies to “Harry Potter and the Disappearance of Cho Chang”

  1. Elise says:

    I agree that there should have been some explanation for her disappearance, but I think it’s unreasonable that you put yourself in the shoes of a character just because she’s Asian.
    Hopefully you didn’t do the same for Prudence in “Across the Universe,” who was the most extraneous character I’ve ever seen in a movie.

  2. Noren says:

    If she wasn’t an important character in this movie, why put her in there and at the last minute delete all scenes that contains Cho Chang. I think that’s unprofessional and disrespectful to Katie Leung. I like Katie Leung and she’s a great actress but doing this is like a slap in the face. I would feel very embarrass if I were Katie. A long movie is a long movie. Cut out some other scenes that doesn’t have to do with the storyline. By doing this, I think it’s a big mistake and Katie fan are not going to like it.

  3. Mochi Magazine says:

    Thanks for finding that, Faye! We looked everywhere and couldn’t find her, even though her name is on the credits. Great find!

  4. Tone O. says:

    i missed her 2 in the last movie…Rons sis is nice and all but Cho would have been a better partner 4 him….shes so beautiful..well..alot of asian women r 🙂

    • LG says:

      She appeared at least 2 times during Half Blood Prince running , I spotted her in the we quidditch game in the snow between the other students supporting with blue jacket , and later in Dumbledore’s wand homage after he fell to his death again with blue shirt ., Also worth mentioning that she appeared in the only scene of the train with the other students in Deathly Hallows part 1 when the death eaters aboard it looking for Harry

  5. Pigwigin says:

    Ms.Leung…You are not alone.And it is far from a small quibble.
    For anyone who has only seen the Harry Potter Films.
    How the bloody -hell do they go from Harry being crazy about Cho for two films.Then in HBP. All of a sudden he`s hitting on every pretty girl he sees and he`s all about Ginny Weasly?!
    They make Harry look like a big fickle jerk!After the movie OOTP came out.After I saw it.My primary thought about the next film was…
    What`s going to happen with H/C?…
    Thank God that I finally decided to listen to all the awesome Unabriged Audiobooks by Jim Dale.Before seeing the sixth film.
    For I would have been beyond outraged at the HBP!
    My guest is in the film version Cho`s parents decided to pull her out of Hogwarts…
    Great Blog keep it up.

  6. oldy voldy says:

    I think that cho chang stayed in for a gap filler so its kinda harsh that she is not in the harry potter movies. but maybe pigwigin is right.

  7. Leah says:

    But didn’t they technically close their relationship when everyone found out it was Cho who ratted the DA out?

  8. Lisa says:

    The only reason I particularly like Cho Chang is because she’s Asian in the Harry Potter world. Haha. Hey, I’m human. I feel like I can relate to her. Perhaps Rowling was being smart and broadening her audience by adding an ethnic character or two?
    But yes, I wish there was some closure in their relationship. Although I’m still more of a Harry/Hermione fan. Haha.

  9. Georg says:

    I disliked she gradually vanished in the book, so it’s even worse she disappeared in the movie …

  10. noheonani says:

    she is supposed to be in deathly hallows part 2 but i’m worried that she’ll just be in the background during the battle of hogwarts. hopefully she’ll actually get to speak.

  11. noheonani says:

    also, i’m latina but cho is my favorite simply because she’s one of the few non-white characters that actually get’s featured and i’m all about representation.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cho was not the only Asian character. The twins are South Asian. If you had read the book, you would know she was largely absent from the book as well.

  13. ric says:
    Keep reading this link. It seem mochi posters still don’t get it.
    Asian females are prevalent in visible media and Asian men
    Are not.

  14. LuluPop says:

    Eu gosto muito dessa personagem, e também acho estranho o desaparecimento de Cho de repente . Sinto saudades dela quando leio os livros de Harry Potter. Da primeira vez que Harry olhou para ela, ele se apaixonou e isso foi muito meigo. Acho que cortar ela assim de uma hora para outra foi muito desrespeitoso. Ela era uma importante personagem no filme. Pena que no filme o namorado de (Cedrico Diggory) morreu, isso deixou Cho muito abalada !

  15. Chiharu says:

    Can’t we just all agree that the books were a gazillion times better than the movies? and I’m pretty sure she did appear in the last one.

  16. Agreeed!!! And yes Chiharu, words can’t express how much better the books are!! 😛

  17. Great analysis. I appreciate the reminder that people read from top down. I need to check my forms to make sure headers are above the text boxes.

  18. Olivia says:

    For the record, Izzy laughland is of Guyanese heritage, not Asian

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