If you could live out your dreams, what would it look like? Our latest issue inspires us to turn our dreams into realities at a young age. What started out as personal, online journal of beauty tips and makeup reviews for cover girl Michelle Phan turned into a YouTube channel with more than 3 million subscribers, a Lancome spokesperson contract, and now, the launch of her own makeup line, em michelle phan. And, look at acclaimed director Evan Jackson Leong, who discovered Jeremy Lin before he became the international sensation known as Linsanity and chronicled his journey to basketball stardom in an award-winning documentary. Then there’s pianist Rie Tsuji, who went from humble beginnings as a classically trained pianist to Queen Beyonce’s assistant musical director and principal accompanist on her sold-out world tours.
And if you ever dreamed of taking the risk of following your passion, take it from these breakout millenials, who have defied the signs of the times (and the countless articles criticizing today’s youth) and launched their own businesses, and in a sense, created their own jobs in an economy that was eliminating them. So go ahead and dream, do, live, and be. Because when you’re dreaming, you don’t always realize that you’re already living.

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