When Cheesa, a 22-year-old singer from Hawaii, was 15, she and her brother convinced their parents to uproot the family and move to California as their duet-performing act gained popularity. Though their parents were reluctant to move because they wanted the siblings to go into the medical or law field, when her brother claimed he would just “be a bum” if he couldn’t pursue music, they finally agreed. Seven years later, Cheesa found fame as a contestant on “The Voice” and tomorrow, she’ll be releasing her first single, “I’m Not Perfect”—the story of her personal journey from Hawaii to California.
All of Cheesa’s direct experiences with the music industry and struggles throughout her life are reflected in “I’m Not Perfect,” which she co-wrote and produced in collaboration with The Assembly Entertainment. Although she wrestled with self-image issues long before she moved to California, the last straw was when a public relations agent encouraged her to become bulimic.

“I wanted something to show girls something that’s good and that only inspired me more to love myself and hopefully with this song, I can inspire people to never change for the benefit of others, but only change for the benefit of you,” said Cheesa.

Growing up as a victim of bullying, Cheesa poured her heart into the vocals of the upcoming single with one goal in mind.

“I just want to empower people to know that we are perfectly imperfect, as cliché as that sounds,” said the Filipino American singer. “We all have things that we cannot change and must have the courage to change the things that we can.”

Accompanying Cheesa’s strong vocals on “I’m Not Perfect” is internationally acclaimed singer Charice. Cheesa is astounded by all Charice has conquered and felt immensely blessed to share the track and get to know the singer on a personal level.

“To see her overcome her struggles and see the person she’s become today and how she is able to express herself fully and not care what the world thinks about her is truly inspiring and beautiful. I think people should look to her as an example,” said Cheesa about the fellow mentor on “X-Factor: Philippines.”

At 22, the contestant from the second season of NBC’s “The Voice” admitted to her struggles of still fully accepting herself. Her different facets will be exposed on her raw and slightly dark-with-a-hint-of-pop album, which showcases her powerhouse vocals expected early 2013. Like her single, the album will share many of her personal experiences thanks to her writing contributions.

As a girl who grew up watching Beyonce and loving her embodiment of femininity, Cheesa hopes to be able to inspire people through her songs and voice. With mentors like Cee-Lo Green calling her “the next power singer of our generation,” she should look forward to a bright future.

Cheesa’s single “I’m Not Perfect” is available on iTunes Sept. 6.

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