Just two months after the surprising news broke that former Disney star Brenda Song, 23, was pregnant with Miley Cyrus’ brother and former Metro Station singer Trace Cyrus’ baby, it looks like the couple is taking the next brave step—marriage!

Trace Cyrus tweeted the news this past Friday on their engagement: “I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES! We are both very excited to be engaged.”

Song, who also models for Cyrus’ clothing line called Southern Maid Hollywood Plaid, was shown wearing a bauble on her ring finger in a recent photograph. She’s certainly come a long way from her “Suite Life with Jack and Cody” and “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior” days, although I can’t help feeling a bit shocked at the pairing, which seemed to come out of nowhere—but who can stop love?

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