We’re down to the second-to-last episode of “Alpha Girls,” with the finale just around the corner! The stories of each alpha girl continue to unfold, with more exciting celebrity appearances, store openings, new collaborations, fashion shows, and more. Let’s rewind real quick so you can get your latest fix of Episode Seven.

Mina, having spent the past month in Los Angeles, continued to find inspiration. She headed to downtown L.A. to hang out with Honey Cocaine, Ben Baller, and Yultron at a boba cafe. Honey gave Mina a few words of wisdom and encouragement as a peer who faced similar challenges in an industry dominated by men. She finally fought through her creative slump after a text message from Pharrell, and had a few drawings in the works at a printing house for her first ever art show in L.A.

All eyes were on Soo Joo as she walked the Osklen fashion show during New York Fashion Week. After a successful show, she was on standby, waiting for her modeling agency to determine her next move. A glimpse into NYFW showed us that days are long, and things can change at any moment; modeling is just as much of a hustle as any other career. Afterward, we shifted gears and saw a new side of Soo Joo as she talked about the stresses and challenges that accompany modeling, relying on prayer to keep her at peace and provide her with the strength to keep going and doing what she does so well.

Miss Lawn traveled to her homeland of Manila to open her new store, Labism. Humbled by the brand following she garnered back home, it drove her to strive forward and put in hours of prep with her team to make this store opening a success.

Tokimonsta got some work done in the studio with singer MNDR. She did what she knows best and spent her day producing a new song and developing a new sound with her collaborator. And because the music never stops and Tokimonsta is always on the grind, she then prepared for her next show at the Nokia Club.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode, and check out our recaps!

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