Missed the second episode of Alpha Girls on Wednesday? In Episode Two, we got a glimpse into everyday challenges that the girls face in their respective careers. So many of us have experienced a broken bone, a creative block, the discomfort of a new environment, or juggling personal with work—if not all of the above.
Here we learn a little more about the girls on a personal level. We meet Soo Joo’s adorable parents, find out who has lunch with world-renown K-pop singer/rapper Jay Park, hang out with Jamie XX and Chris Baio of Vampire Weekend in Seoul, and learn the truth about what it’s like to work for boss-lady Miss Lawn.


  • Time isn’t on Soo Joo’s side: Only a week away from New York Fashion Week and healing from a fractured foot, she’s under a lot of pressure to correct her catwalk. Will she be able to overcome the pain in time?
  • Mina goes through a slump in creativity and decides to take a visit to Los Angeles. What will it take to get her groove back?
  • Miss Lawn faces a dilemma: juggling her best friend’s bachelorette party while prepping for one of the biggest trade shows where HellzBellz will be featured.
  • Tokimonsta flies to Seoul to perform at Ansan Festival but before her big night she gets a preview of the music scene at Octagon.

Want more? Get the full story now by watching the second episode on MNET America’s YouTube channel.

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