pauline_so-you-think-you-can-dancePinay Pauline Mata was unfortunately ousted from last night’s episode of So You Think You Can Dance, along with her partner Peter Sabasino. Though it wasn’t that big of a shock since they only received satisfactory reviews for their quickstep routine, it was still sad to see Pauline suffered the same fate as Karla Garcia from season five, who was also sent home in the early rounds.
I wasn’t the biggest fan of Pauline, but I wonder how much farther she would’ve gone in the competition had Billy Bell, who was probably the most anticipated dancer of this season, had stayed in the competition to be Pauline’s partner. Instead, Pauline was paired with Billy’s replacement, Brandon Dumlao, who was one of the first to get kicked out. Though Peter was a solid partner afterward, he just didn’t have the extra “wow” factor either to boost their partnership and last in the competition.

While the judges criticized Pauline for being too much of a conventional, classroom type of dancer, she did have a natural, likeable personality (loved when she said she’s always constantly eating), which made her memorable and charismatic when she danced. Though it’s the end of the road on SYTYCD for Pauline, I’m sure this 19-year-old contemporary/jazz dancer will do just fine in the dance world.

Photo via Fox

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