The only thing constant in life is change. Spring is the season of graduations, weddings, moving up a grade level, animals having babies, blooming flowers, all new everything! We picked the theme of Transition for our new season inspired by all the changes happening within the Asian American community and here at Mochi HQ.

Transitions can be hard on our mental and emotional health, but there are ways to get help. Yuri Tomikawa founded Zencare, an online platform for finding mental healthcare providers, after hitting a wall in her career. Similarly, coach Arthur Kanai (you may have seen him on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules) turned to a life coach after bottoming out in his professional and personal life. Now he coaches others and shares his story with us along with his five top tips for navigating transition successfully.

Small changes can also have a bigger impact than we realize. Our beauty staff offer tips on spring cleaning your makeup bag, which can save you money, counter space, and headache. We also have some tips for transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle, or at least reducing the amount of waste you produce. If everyone does something, we can drive big change.

Our biggest change is shifting to a weekly publication cycle! The editorial team has been working hard behind the scenes to bring you news and features every week. You can sign up for our weekly posts or curated monthly newsletter here.

Finally, we’ve brought back the crowd-favorite advice column, Dear Mochi, and added a new section of personal essays called Our Voices. We want to continue bringing authentic, honest, and supportive stories from our community, so please feel free to pitch a story or ask our advice columnists for help.

We’re so excited for this new phase of Mochi. Look forward to more events (both in-person and online) and exclusive content for subscribers, as well as the relevant and inspiring stories you’ve always loved.


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  1. This is so beautifully written — excited for your weekly publications + Dear Mochi!

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