Self Evident is a podcast taking on what it means to be American by presenting reported stories and community conversations by and about Asian Americans. We all know that while Asian Americans are not a monolith, mainstream media doesn’t always reflect that. Stories in our first season will unpack a racialized headline about Asian homeowners to reveal a missing piece of the American Dream, follow one man’s deeply personal journey in reconnecting to his Filipino heritage, and present conversations with our own listeners about what the term “Asian American” itself is doing for people today. 

There’s a multitude of identities and experiences that fall under the term “Asian American,” and the goal of Self Evident is for our stories, team, contributors, and partnerships to reflect those varied experiences, including those of South Asian, South East Asian, East Asian, Pacific Islander, and multi-ethnic communities. To keep the stories as grounded as possible, Self Evident has built and nurtured a nationwide panel of more than 200 people who reflect a diverse range of Asian American communities and identities. The panel helps shape the show by sharing their perspectives and giving feedback to the production team on episodes-in-progress.

Self Evident is running a grassroots campaign to raise $100,000 and get 1,000+ backers. They believe (and we here at Mochi agree!) that it’s important for all of us to have sustainable media entities that reach a national audience and be able to pay Asian American storytellers for their work. Contributions of all amounts including $1, $2 or $5 will help Self Evident pay for: working with more Asian American reporters and producers, research, sourcing, fact checking, travel, tape syncs, editing, original scoring by Asian American composers, sound design, licensing, mastering, legal fees, insurance, studio space, equipment, software, community outreach, promotion, and events.

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