There’s nothing more rewarding than a DIY project, and for YouTuber Lauren Riihimaki, who’s behind LaurDIY, there are no limits for DIY. She was recently featured in Seventeen and while most college students are looking for campus jobs, her creations, including iPhone case designs, have helped this crafty teen make a living.

Where do you get your inspiration for your DIY projects?

I would say my main source of inspiration actually comes from seeing things in regular stores or online that I think is DIY-able. Being a student, I can’t afford the majority of the home goods at Anthropologie, or the pricey destroyed tees at select stores, and if I think I can replicate them using my own resources and methods I’m always up for the challenge. Even when I can afford the clothing item or product I’ve been eyeing, sometimes it’s just fun to add my own creative spin on it! Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration. There’s not even enough time in the world to complete every DIY project I’ve seen on Pinterest.

How do you balance your burgeoning YouTube career with school? This year my schedule has been getting pretty crazy, but it’s all about time management! Making videos is something that I absolutely love doing, so even though I devote the majority of my free time to shooting and editing, it doesn’t feel like work. School, of course, comes first, but I’m a pretty organized person when it comes to managing my time so that I can film a weekly video or two! And whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, I think of all the other people in my university program that work part-time jobs they probably hate, and I have to remind myself that my “job” is the most amazing job in the entire world!

What’s your dream job?

Being a full-time DIY, style and lifestyle YouTuber! I still have a year and a half left of university, but I plan to make YouTube a career as soon as I receive my degree (which is in technology so it is somewhat relevant). I can’t imagine what it’s like for all the full-time YouTubers to wake up and remember that their job and responsibilities include making videos and interacting with their subscribers—it must be beyond amazing.

What are your favorite moments about being a beauty and DIY YouTuber?

There’s nothing more rewarding and heartwarming than meeting someone who watches your videos. They’re the reason that you’re able to do it and the motivation to keep you posting. When a viewer approaches me, I usually have a big dumb smile plastered to my face for the next 24 hours. Besides being able to interact with viewers, another great moment was having the opportunity to be in Seventeen a few times as one of five College Ambassadors. Seeing my face in a magazine distributed all over the world was insanely surreal.

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