It’s already June and you’ve finally gotten around to spring—erm, summer—cleaning. Not only does this means you are one organized lady, but that you also have all this extra closet space to fill. We’re sharing this fail-proof guide to smart shopping for clothes that will truly last.


Limit yourself: Credit cards are easy to swipe, so a good way to stick to a budget is to leave them at home and only carry a limited amount of cash on your shopping trips. To avoid impulse purchases, consider not carrying money around with you (or keep a $20 stash tucked away for emergencies). It might also be helpful to shop with a friend who can keep you in check—or simply to offer an honest opinion.

Stay classy: Stick to items that will be worn more than once. If you feel the need to splurge, invest in a signature piece that will enhance your outfit. You can never go wrong with professional or day-to-night blazers, pumps, or a bag.

Be open-minded: Try on new colors and styles you don’t already own. To do this, plan ahead by quickly skimming through your closet before you go shopping and think about what outfits you’ve worn in the past month. Whether you’re able to brainstorm different ways to wear your clothes or different accessories to accent them, it’s always much easier to try something new when you know what’s been the norm.

Know your rights: Always ask a salesperson about the return policy and be wary of credit-only rules. Even if policies are agreeable, the return-later mentality is a dangerous trap—refer to our following tip. Though this doesn’t strictly infringe upon your rights as a shopper, be aware that “bargain” items at the checkout line are placed very strategically. Don’t be swayed!

One last reminder: Always try on items in the fitting room—we all know that sizes from every store can vary. The clothes you’ll go back to are the ones that are just as comfortable as they are trendy. Knowing something is perfect is infinitely better than having to return it. Going back to the store (or the post office, if it’s an online purchase) can become a huge inconvenience with easily missed deadlines.


Not sure how to start with freshening up your look? There are a few trends we’re loving this summer. You can mix and match florals, whether with florals of a different size or with solids. If you want to start simple, color blocking doesn’t require much work beyond going for vibrant colors—the fact that the blocking is simple makes it OK to wear brights. Denim or chambray shirts have great versatility; keep it casual with rolled up sleeves or dressy by buttoning up to the collar.

Lastly, we’ve also discovered some great online boutiques that make it easy to reinvent your wardrobe right from home. Pinkyotto, a favorite amongst celebrities, offers feminine looks that are fitted and sophisticated. Girls who love bold looks can make a statement while keeping it graceful with Yumi Kim’s flirty prints. For those who like to have something special, Flying A carries a selection of under-the-radar European brands and goods ranging from Nikon watches to luxury denim to vintage boots.


All of these stores are generously offering Mochi readers a 15% discount through July 3rd(Flying A) or July 8th (Pinkyotto and Yumi Kim). Use the code MOCHIMAG at check out. Happy shopping!

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