96591434_10.previewThe Ports 1961 runway show was the first on our schedule for this season’s fashion week.  Before the show started, there was a moment of silence to respect the great Alexander McQueen, who was found dead earlier this morning. The loss of such an enormous talent has hit the fashion industry hard, with several members finding out via Twitter during the earlier BCBG show. The solemn tribute before the Ports 1961 show only added to the dramatic opening of the show.
Lights came up and a cloud of fog filled the room. The first few looks had a militaristic vibe, with somewhat of a retro look. The pieces were structured with clean lines, showing off its construction details. Aptly named “craeft,” the old english word for craft, the collection designed by Tia Cibani explored “the relationship between discovery and invention.” The colors were rich and earthy with gemstone accent pieces.

We loved the jeweled shoulders of some of the pieces that came out later in the collection, as well as the smoother and looser silky dresses toward the end. Hair by Aveda was fantastic and the glazed ceramic and blown glass jewelry completed the polished looks. Overall, the Ports 1961 F/W 2010 collection was classy, sexy and beautiful.

Images via Coutorture

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