asianpearHave a craving for something sweet? Instead of candy, reach for…an Asian pear!
These fruit gems are harvested from the middle of summer until the end of September, though they are often available well into the winter since they are easily stored.

Unlike their European counterparts, Asian pears have more of a firm and crisp texture. Mostly grown in Japan, China and Korea, these pears are also planted in U.S. locations including California, Oregon and Washington.

Of the different kinds of Asian pears, Japanese and Chinese pears are the most common, and differ in shape: Japanese pears are round, while Chinese pears are more bulbous in shape.

Asian pears carry much of the same nutritional value as European pears, but last longer and are less likely to bruise or turn brown over time.

Each medium-sized pear is roughly 60 calories and a good source of fiber and vitamin C. Especially since they keep well, they are a great snack to carry around with you during the day.

The yummy pears can also be a great addition to salad, as they are a complimentary flavor to nuts and cheeses. You can check out tasty Asian pear salad recipes at North Star Orchard that are easy to try at home. For something simpler, you can try mixing Asian pears with baby spinach leaves, walnuts and poppy seed salad dressing.

Because of its juicy sweetness, an Asian pear will certainly satisfy your sugar cravings. Make a healthy choice this fall and enjoy some of its goodness!

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