In most college lectures, it’s common to spot students yawning, nodding their heads, texting or constantly checking the clock to see how much time they have left in class. But classes on the science behind the magic of Harry Potter or the way YouTube affects media studies would most likely keep you entertained through every class. And no, we’re not just making these classes up—they actually do exist.
The Huffington Post recently released its very first edition of the ten “coolest college courses,” which features some incredibly interesting and eccentric classes. “The Science of Harry Potter” is a real class offered at Frostburg State University in Maryland, where physics professor George Plitnik explores the magic of Harry Potter by teaching basic physics principles. Bloody brilliant, we say! In addition, the YouTube and media studies course is offered at Pitzer College in California, where students get to actually watch YouTube videos in class and are even encouraged to comment on the videos. You can check out their group channel “Learning From YouTube” here.

Other amusing courses featured include a blend of philosophy and Star Trek at Georgetown University, a class on how to make maple syrup at Alfred University, an iPhone application programming course at Stanford University, and believe it or not, a tree climbing course at Cornell University.

So if you have a couple of class credits to spare next semester and happen to attend one of these schools, you better register quickly. Even if your school doesn’t offer a class on Harry Potter, take the time to research some of the lesser-known classes your school offers—you just may come across a gem.

Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

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